Chatty Capture

My first ever Blog!

I guess to all the youngsters out there this blog is no big deal! But for someone who is from the generation that programmed the BBC Computer for many many hours (days even) while lying on the floor with a badly arched back (yes lead to the computer was short) and typing every single line and  command from page to keyboard. This is progress that I would have never dreamed of (I’ve never kept a diary either!) and so here i loose my blog virginity.

Im becoming nostalgic in my old age and have even been perusing a well known auction house trying to find the old Atari and Nintendo Donkey Kong Game i used to play on the bus to school. I am trying desperately to convince myself i really do need one of these again, if not solely for my own pleasure but so as to actually show my children the void of progress that they have never been witness too. 

Nintendo Game. Donkey Kong.

See… Remember it?

Oh well if not you probably don’t really care! but if you do, you may be sad enough to be squealing with excitement just like me!

So Ive already waffled on! for those of you that know me that will be no big surprise! But for those of you who don’t let me refer back to my web name ’Chatty Capture’ Quite simply I am what it says on the tin. 

A Chatty Photographer!

I’m already anxious that i have typed too much and I haven’t even said what I wanted to say! But maybe thats how this Blog  thing is going to work for me! Those of you who are happy to listen to my drivel will do so and for the rest of you lovely people a simple unfollow (or however that works) will suffice.

On a final note!! I’m going to add my first favourite pictures in the coming days. So watch this space and I hope to share this weird new journey with you.

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