Chatty Capture

I chat and snap a lot.

The two things that get me most animated are Photography and Interior Design, and whilst those close to me have conveyed that I have a natural flair in both areas, I believe I still have alot to learn. Creativity is endless and that is what I believe keeps it all so exciting and inspirational.

I attended a professional photography course at the London School of Photography which included numerous workshops in a colourful array of genres within the photographic spectrum.

Following a strong desire to undertake portraiture or an interior driven concept within photography, I have realised how passionate about it I am! I love ‘setting the stage’, especially when this incorporates some quirky abstract ideas - this then gently steers me towards creative photography and concepts.
I have three energetic, mad, hilarious and occasionally stroppy children who have kept me exceptionally busy for the last 14 years. Now they are all at school and busy navigating their own lives, I strongly feel the need to embrace my creative edge. 

I am a rather chatty and enthusiastic person. This I believe is what stands me apart from other photographers! My ability to not take myself to seriously invaribly makes people laugh and relax around me quite quickly, this then leads to the most natural and genuine images.
Being a bit of a perfectionist (I say with tongue in cheek) means that I plan. I embrace props and off the wall antics and so capture individuals true spirits rather than just the visible facade.

My passion for photography still surprises me each and every session and is evident in my eagerness to view, edit and share the images... sadly probably to my families detrement!


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